Central Asia Missions Update

Not too long ago I posted about my calling to Central Asian missions. Since then I have been in talks with several missions agencies to see which way the Lord directs. With this has also come much research about a particular nation I am looking at. Due to the nature of the political and religious climate in Central Asia, prudence dictates that I remain silent as to the specific nation I am looking at.

All five countries that comprise Central Asia are ‘closed’. This means that in order to enter the country, you cannot come as a ‘missionary’, rather you must come through some other means. For most this means entering as a business man or women, or as a teacher such as TESOL. ¬†As I was doing my research I discovered that there is a great need for teachers, not only of English, but also basic academics. This is rather exciting news, but it would require a bit more work in graduate school to accomplish qualifying for that form of entry.

Things to Pray for:

  • Continuing discussions with Mission Agencies
    • There is an agency that would like to see me at their April meeting. I would love to go, but I do not know if funds will allow such a trip.
  • Continued guidance in preparation for the field via graduate school at Southern Baptist Theological
  • The ability to remain debt free in graduate school in order that I can go straight to the field and not be hindered by debt
  • Confirmation that the way I found to gain access to the country is indeed the will of the Lord
  • Determining if I should train in TESOL or pursue a different Academic field to teach

Announcement: Upcoming Series

“It seems that there are few other pursuits that require such a little working knowledge than that of Christianity.”

~ Paul Watson ~

I was recently commissioned to develop a 4 week ‘basic theology’ course for a local church to teach this spring. This was a prospect I was greatly looking forward to and dove right into developing the course. As I submitted my first draft of the first lesson, there developed an interesting predicament. My supervisor brought to my attention that he thought there were too many theological terms and that the course was more appropriate for a college setting. He suggested that I remove the terms and put it in ‘simpler’ ways. I did not agree with the suggestion and made the case that in any other field, whether it be a hobby, trade, or career, one must know the language of that particular interest, therefore, why is Christianity regarded differently? Due to my unwillingness to remove the terms, but instead teach them the terms, the project was removed from my responsibilities and handed to someone else.

The problem that is brought to light by this is 21st century American church and its utter lack of theological knowledge and foundation compounded by an equal lack of willingness to learn. As a result, the moorings of faith are not centered on biblical truth, but on personal fancies and experiences. It is therefore no wonder that Christianity finds itself full of such slipshod believers who know little to nothing of the faith they claim, who cannot defend doctrine, much less articulate doctrine and have fallen victim to the post-modern understanding of the age in that there are many ‘truths’ and whatever one believes is good for them, but not necessarily for others. The careless and uneducated plight of the church has opened the door for false teachers, heretics, and showmen instead of true men of God, grounded in the word and moved by the Holy Spirit.

I am a firm supporter of what is called Catechism. I know that this word immediately brings the Roman Catholic Church to mind, but Catechism is simply an instruction of the faith, based on a Question and Answer format. Most importantly it is a formal instruction of Scripture and the development of doctrine thereof. I am afraid that the church, having stepped away from a formal instruction in faith, has subjected generations of believers to a view of God and Scripture that is man centered and self-promoting because after all, it is all about ‘what Scripture says to you’.

It is my hope to outline the current situation, why instruction in the faith is vital to true Christian growth, particularly why I prefer Catechism to the ‘Sunday School’ method and provide some examples of Catechisms through a 4 part series entitled “The Importance of Catechism”.