Brief Thoughts on Marriage and Society

While I was listening to a sermon, an unsolicited and uninvited message popped up on skype that greatly disturbed me. Here is what it said:

“There are thousands of unhappy married women and men in every city, but they DO NOT want to leave their spouse. They want to stay married, but they want to have an affair without ever being caught. Our dating community is extremely popular! Having an affair can be stressful because you never know if the other person involved is going to get attached to you. You just want to have an intimate encounter and nothing else.  A great thing about this Discreet Dating Community For Married People is that there is no cost to join. You can check it out, see if you like it, and then begin contacting married people for secret intimate encounters. Press here if you want to have an affair with a married person. <address removed>”
Marriage is severly under attack in this day and age. It is things like this, though they sound innocent and promise you the moon, will in the end rob you of great joy and leave you in the dust without a thought. Will you join me in praying for the people who may choose to frequent this place? Pray that people will not buy into this lie and will choose to do the right thing in their marriage.

The Challenge of Pluralism

“The challenge of pluralism in our country is so prevailing. What pluralism says is that all of these views are equally valid, because everybody is really on about the same thing. But when they are honest about Jesus, they know that Jesus is not like Buddha, and he isn’t like Krishna, and he isn’t like the religious leaders that have walked across the stage of time. He is radically different. So in order to maintain the perspective of philosophical pluralism, the pluralist must then devalue Jesus. That is why in Time, Newsweek, and all these magazines, there is a constant onslaught on the Deity of Christ, on the significance of the Death of Christ, and of the notion of the return of Christ. Why? Because these things stick out like a sore thumb. His very claims are so unbelievable, and the dramatic transformation in these disciples is undeniable, and the existence of an ever expanding church is inescapable! So if they are going to convince us that we are all the same, then they will either have to bring the other characters up to the level of Jesus, or do what they do, and that is seek to bring Jesus down to the level of the other characters.”

– Alistair Begg

Why Do You Wait?

Why do you wait, Dear Brother? Oh, Why do you tarry so long? Your Savior is waiting to give you a place in His sanctified throng.

What do you hope, dear brother? To gain by a further delay? There’s no one to save you but Jesus, There’s no other way but His way.

Do you not feel, dear brother? His Spirit now striving within? Oh, why not accept His salvation, and throw off your burden of sin?

Why do you wait, dear brother? The harvest is passing away; Your Savior is longing to bless you, There’s danger and death in delay.

Why not? Why not? Why not come to Him now? Why not? Why not? Why not come to Him now?

– George F. Root –